The questions anyone involved in sponsorship and product placement should ask themselves are:
Why are we doing this?
What do we want it to lead to?
The answers to these questions are often logical and related to objectives such as; increased brand awareness, altering the perception of the brand in the prioritized target group or increased sales, etc.
What is often not as obvious and logical is the how to get there. It has never before been more important to have a well thought out and developed strategy for a brand positioning through sponsorship and product placement. And how sponsorship and product placement can add to achieving overall business goals.
White & White have for many years worked to create and enforce sponsor- ship and brand strategies generating the desired value to our clients.


MTV Music Week

To increase the commercial value of the event, MTV Music Awards wanted to extend the activation period for the sponsors. Annika Jönsson initiated MTV Music Week.
MTV Music Week started the week before the MTV Music Awards in the current city. The event was designed to give the MTV Awards a local connection to the music scene in the host city.
With MTV Music Week sponsors were offered an additional platform with the same public appeal as the awards. The sponsors could either expand their major sponsorship linked to MTV through MTV Music Week, or create a local adaptation excluding TV rights.


MTV Live Summer Tour with Robyn

In order to reach the prioritized target audience for Schwarzkopf, with their hair coloring products they became an integral part of the concept.
Since it was important to demonstrate the product's flexibility and ease-of-hair- coloring the performance group Circus Cirkör colored the hair four times at each nights performance. The tour had 15 stops and was a mix between music, artist and product. The tour gave ability to test the product in place for greater integration and during the events give aways was directly linked to purchase of the product at retailers in each city.


Golden wave

Golden Wave var en musik plattform som förenade musik, Dj,s, livstil, teknik, design och mode. Liknande koncept har aldrig anordnats i Sverige tidigare men har blivit stort i andra delar av Europa
Konceptet ägs av VD’n på White & White Music Annika Jönsson som är skaparen av Golden Wave.
År 2009 anordnade White & White tio Golden Wave events runt om i Sverige. Vilket resulterade i förutom exponering av sin marknadsföring i hela landet, 230 000 unika kontakter med människor i hela landet.

White & White Music arbetar med att använda musik i marknadsföringssyfte. Golden
Wave är ett exempel på hur musik och DJ:s kan fungera som en marknadsföringskanal. Det är en
musikplattform och ett klubbkoncept som syftar till att förena musik med olika varumärken för att
effektivt nå en ung målgrupp på ett sätt och i en miljö som mottagarna kan relatera till. Golden
Wave utgör ett unikt sätt för varumärken att stärka sin image och nå ut med sitt budskap till en
ung målgrupp.

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